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Important notice regarding SFS files for Buster

September 05, 2019 — BarryK

I am just about to upload some SFS files for Buster, so when you click on "sfsget" on the desktop, there will be nice SFS "mega-packages" to install. Starting with Scribus and Krita.

However, they won't work! When installed, you will get icons on the desktop, but click on them and nothing will happen. I had a bit of a conundrum, due to the shared folder now being /home/shared, both on the main desktop and inside the container. The problem is that /home/shared does not exist in Buster, prior to the about-to-be-released 2.1.1. That is what causes the failure to start.

There is no simple solution, other than to upgrade Easy Buster to 2.1.1. I am planning to upload 2.1.1 tonight or early tomorrow morning, and will probably remove 2.0 and 2.1 from, due to this SFS compatibility problem.

Just letting everyone know. Hold off on installing SFS files until you can upgrade. 

Tags: easy