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September 26, 2019 — BarryK

Before executing the next step in construction of the solar water distiller, I am waiting on arrival of a silicone mat. It is 600x800mm and will go inside the distiller, between the glass and wicking-cloth. I think that it is 1mm thick, but wanted to wait until it arrives, to confirm, as it will have an affect on the internal layout. Ordered from here:

Ordered on the 19th, it is now the 26th. It is supposed to be shipped from NSW Australia. However, yesterday I checked the tracking number, and found that it is being shipped by "Winit". That is a Chinese transport company. There is tracking information, but it is evasive, does not identify any locations.

I found this comment on a forum:


I am sick and tired of buying off sellers in AU stores that list there items location as in Australia when in fact the item location is overseas and so is the seller and you end up with a very lengthy postage wait or not item at all or you end up with a WINIT tracking number that means squat to anyone as it does not track anything outside of China.

I want to see eBay crack down on these sellers for false advertising a location of their items when you are trying to buy from within Australia only thinking you have brought local only to find out the seller falsely listed the items location.

I am dealing with one right now and seller has avoided the questions I have put to him/her of the real location of the item I brought after getting that WINIT tracking number the seller finally answered with an outright lie "It Come USA" clear not good with English at all and the item is clearly coming from China.

The eBay page states this:

FREE Standard Postage
Item location:
NSW, Australia

I wonder when it will arrive?

Continuing the mumblings and grumblings, If you have sent me an email in the last few weeks, with a question or problem, and I haven't replied, my apologies. The to-do list has grown rather long.  Besides, I take time out from EasyOS development and do other things for awhile. 

EDIT 2019-09-26:
For the record, here are two other eBay vendors selling the 60x80cm silicone mat, and claiming AU stock and shipping by Australia Post: 

EDIT 2019-09-27:
It arrived today! Delivered by Australia Post. So how come it had a Winit tracking number?

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