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NetworkManager applet integrated into EasyOS

September 22, 2019 — BarryK

I posted earlier today about the patched 'nm-applet':

EasyOS inherits the 'Connection Wizard' from the Puppy days, a GUI for choosing which tool to manage network connectivity. There are a few of them, including my 'SNS' (Simple Network Setup) and jemimah's 'Frisbee'. I also added 'UltraSNS' last year. There are also dialup manager's such as 'PupDial', maintained by rerwin.

We are now using 'NetworkManager' in Easy, and it works very well, however, I don't want to throw away all those other managers. Still want to be able to use the 'Connection Wizard' to choose which tool is desired to use. It is possible that one of the older tools might suit a particular person or hardware configuration.

To achieve this integration, these are the scripts that have been modified in the 'rootfs-skeleton' folder in WoofQ:


The changes are identified by the string "190922" in the comments.

Easy will default to using NetworkManager and the nm-applet GUI manager. Left-click on the "connect" icon on the desktop will popup 'nm-applet'. Right-click on "connect" will enable to choose 'Connection Wizard'.

'Connection Wizard' can also be run via the menu, "Setup" category.

When NetworkManager is the chosen tool, there are also these menu entries in the JWM menu:


"NetworkManager setup connection" simulates a mouse left-click on 'nm-applet', and "NetworkManager edit connections" simulates a mouse right-click. Or, the Nmtui text-mode GUI can be used if desired.

I now need to build a new version of Easy, to check that it all works as expected. Hopefully there will be the next release soon after. 

Oh, one extra comment to make. Note the "ModemManager Configuration" entry in the above menu. 'ModemManager' is a GUI for setting up modems and works with NetworkManager. I haven't used it, so it will be up to testers to explore what it can do. 

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