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Planning solar water distiller prototype 3

September 09, 2019 — BarryK

I haven't forgotten about this project! Here are earlier posts:

I learned a lot from the first two prototypes, and a third is planned. Prototype #3 is hoped to be much more efficient, using the principle of condensation on both front and back sides of the panel, that is, glass on both sides.

Prototype #3 will be slightly smaller than #2 and roughly square, about 750x750mm. I want to be able to slide it vertically into the back of a vehicle. This is a practical detail if it is to be carried around in a car. Sitting horizontally has too many issues, such as not being able to put anything on top of it, and needing a perfectly flat surface to sit on, and cushioning when driving on corrugated roads.

With the Carocell, I have observed some mould growth. I haven't looked at my prototype #2 for awhile, it is covered with a sheet, but I will not be surprised if the same is happening. These units will probably stay mould-free if used continuously, however, that is not how I plan to use mine. Mine is only going to be used intermittently. The thing is, leaving a moist interior while not in use, is just asking for trouble.

Prototype #3 is planned to be very easy to pull apart. Also, the construction will be simplified. One reason that I want to open it up easily, is to take out the wicking cloth, either to clean or replace. I am thinking of some simple hinges and the whole thing will just pull apart.

The design is planned to allow easy removal of the top and/or bottom panels, allowing air to escape and the interior to dry out. So when I remove it from outdoor duty, open up top and/or bottom and let it dry out, either where it is in the sunlight, or in the car.

No drawings yet, the picture of how it will come together is in my mind.

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