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Running in RAM and other fixes

September 14, 2019 — BarryK

Alfons reported that he installed the Chromium SFS to the main desktop (not in a container), but later booted with "Copy session to RAM & disable drives" and Chromium wasn't there.

Yes, that requires the Chromium SFS file be copied to RAM at bootup, as everything has to be in RAM. I had previously decided not to do that, however have reconsidered. So now, any SFSs installed to the main desktop will be available when running in RAM -- with the exception of the 'devx' and 'kernel' SFSs as there isn't much point in compiling anything when nothing can be saved.

I also removed some desktop icons and menu entries that aren't appropriate when running in RAM and no persistence for any changes. For example, the "petget" and "sfsget" desktop icons are removed.

The shared folder '/home/shared', to enable an app in a container to pass files to and from the main desktop, wasn't working. Fixed.

SFSget does a full probe of the online SFS repository. At subsequent bootups, it is supposed to only require a full probe if detects a change in the repository. However, it was doing a full probe again after a reboot. Fixed. 

I reported about an upgrade problem, with the renaming of the "easy" desktop icon to either "pyro" or "buster", if upgrade an existing installation, the old "easy" icon was also on the desktop:

...a manual fix was posted, however, it is now fixed automatically. 

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