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SeaMonkey 2.49.5 released

September 07, 2019 — BarryK

Yay, finally! Version 2.49.4 was released in July 2018, so this version has been a long time coming:

However, I am unable to compile it. Got configure errors when tried to use system 'nspr' and 'nss', so chose internal libs, but then got compile errors.

I will wait until the Linux From Scratch people figure it out. 

EDIT 2019-09-09:
The LFS guys have posted instructions:

However, compile still fails for me. Then I tried patches from Fedora. This shows the patches to be applied:

And the patches are available from here:

Nup, still fails for me.

Then I looked at how the Slackware guys are doing it. I downloaded everything here:

Made a couple of modifications to 'seamonkey.SlackBuild' script -- disabled rust, changed $TMP to /tmp2, as /tmp is a tmpfs and not big enough. Yay, it compiled ...but install failed.

This is a starting point, a successful compile, that I can hack on. Some of the configure options need to be changed. 

Tags: easy