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Canebrake Pool campsite

October 26, 2019 — BarryK

In Western Australia, the Department of Conservation and Wildlife (DPAW) has set aside campsites throughout the State, for camping at low cost. These are time-limited and have very basic facilities, usually only a drop-toilet, no drinking water.

This week I took a few days off and camped at Canebrake Pool. Extremely pleasant place. DPAW site:

Here is my tent setup:


...I find these nature scenes very restful to look at. I would like to post larger images, but concerned about the data limit on my website.

This campsite gets packed out during school holidays, partly due to its location, but also due to the pool:


...the signs say that swimming is allowed, and I can picture hordes of people here in the holidays. When I was there, there was just one caravan and two camper-trailers, plus me with a tent, so nice and quiet. 

EDIT 2019-10-27:
Here are some videos:

This video is 25 minutes duration, and includes Canebrake Pool (6 minutes in) amongst others: 

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