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Little bug fixes for Pyro 1.2.7 and Buster 2.1.7

October 26, 2019 — BarryK

In Easy Pyro 1.2.7, if right-click on an image file, appropriate apps are offered to launch it. However, mtPaint is missing from the offerings. Fixed.

Thanks to the guys testing these latest releases of EasyOS, and couple more buglets identified.

It was reported that the xine media player needs the 'xvinfo' utility. This is now added to both Pyro and Buster. Here is the PET compiled for Pyro:

/usr/bin/startx is supposed to be a symlink to script 'xwin', however it isn't in Pyro, it is a script. /usr/bin/startx is in the 'xinit' package. I have fixed it so that 'startx' gets replaced by a symlink. 

Tags: easy