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Router frame wobble fixed

October 03, 2019 — BarryK

I posted about the ill-fitting frame in my el-cheapo 30 bucks trimmer router:

Here is a closeup showing the cause of the wobble:

img1 can see the plastic "bridge", that prevents the lower-end of the frame from closing tightly to the body. You may also be able to make out where it cracked when I tightened the knob too much.

Today decided to try an experiment: cut off the bridge. Simple exercise, with a hacksaw blade cut the section of plastic that holds the two sides apart, cutting a slot as wide as possible. Photo:


...magic, problem fixed! Yep, a simple bit of surgery and the frame now tightens up top and bottom, no wobble, grips the body tightly.

So, two surgical operations have been performed on the frame, front and back, and now I can recommend this cheap router. 

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