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Easy Pyro 1.2.8 and Buster 2.1.8 released

November 06, 2019 — BarryK

EasyOS versions 1.2.7 and 2.1.8 were released about two weeks ago:

Enough new things have happened to warrant new releases. The so-called EOL (End Of Line) Pyro series is continuing to receive version bumps, and if you read the release notes you will see that the version bump 1.2.7 to 1.2.8 and 2.1.7 to 2.1.8 are both getting the same changes.

Pyro 1.2.8

Announcement and release notes:


Or, if you live in Europe or thereabouts, thanks to NLUUG, the Netherlands Linux User Group, they are now mirroring ibiblio easyos:

Buster 2.1.8

Announcement and release notes:


Or, from NLUUG:


If you need help with how to write the file to a USB stick, or install to hard drive:

You are most welcome to chat with us here:

...please keep all posts about EasyOS in this forum thread, to avoid confusion with the mainstream puppies.

Extra notes

One thing that I forgot to post about, several days ago I created a SFS of Firefox. This was created from the Debian 10.1 DEB repository, Firefox version 60.8.0 ESR (long term supported version, with current security patches). So, although an older version, it is kept up to date for secure browsing.

Having Firefox as an SFS has many advantages, one being that you can download it and install as a container, for super security. Or, you can if you wish install to the main desktop. Just click "sfsget" on the desktop.

If you don't know anything about SFS files and Easy Containers, please read up on it. There are some usage notes here: that page explains, even though the Firefox SFS is for Buster, you can install it in Easy Pyro. So, I didn't have to create a separate SFS just for Pyro. 

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