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FreeCAD SFS created for EasyOS

November 17, 2019 — BarryK

I have been making very rough sketches of the solar water distiller prototypes, and have even published some of them to this blog. Planning for basin-type prototype #2, thought might have a go at better quality drawings.

Running Easy Buster 2.1.8, I installed FreeCAD from the Debian DEB repository, via the "petget" icon on the desktop. This has a massive number of dependencies. After installation, ran it, and it did start, but with an error message:

No module named StartGui

A google revealed this to be a known problem in Debian, that was fixed by running:

# update-alternatives --all

Now it works, well, starts anyway, and beyond that I haven't got a clue. However, there are lots of tutorials, including YouTube videos.

I made it into a SFS, a massive 239MB, and tested that it works in Easy Pyro 1.2.8 in a container.

If anyone reading this knows how to use FreeCAD, you are welcome to test it, and let me known if there are any issues. You just need to click "sfsget" on the desktop, and can download and install to either Buster or Pyro -- in the latter case, as a container only. 

Here is the FreeCAD home page: 

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