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GetFlashPlayer updated to version 1.9

November 05, 2019 — BarryK

Or, we just call it GetFlash. It isn't working in latest EasyOS. This is because Adobe keep changing the download URL. Consequently, we have to keep fixing it.

Many people have contributed to this. Looking at the changelog, technosaurus and myself created the original, version 0.5, in 2011. Since then, contributors have been 01micko, shinobar, ASRI, Geoffrey, rerwin and myself.

That brought us up to version 1.8, which no longer works. Forum member 'rooftop' has fixed it, see post:

Here is the GetFlash forum thread:

Here is the new 1.9 PET:

Note, Easy uses the /root/Startup folder to start things when X starts. Older pups do it this way, but recent pups use /etc/xdg/autostart and $HOME/.config/autostart folders, as per the XDG specification, so the PET would need to be modified to work in recent pups -- though, I don't know if woof-CE pups have a fallback and recognise anything in /root/Startup.  

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