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Plastic taps for hot water from eBay

November 24, 2019 — BarryK

I posted this morning about taps that I got off collapsible water bottles and modified:

I will use these, but will make sure in the construction that I can substitute a different tap if required. I did a search on eBay, looking for plastic taps that are designed for high temperatures. I do have a requirement of compactness, however with a plastic tap there is the possibility of modifying it, and I am looking to see if the tap will be amenable to surgery.

Most of them do not specify type of plastic, nor temperature limit. However, a few do. This one is a 4-pack, AU$16.08 including postage, specified for long-term use at 95 degrees C and short-term up to 120 degrees C:


This one is 2-pack at AU$13.19 plus AU$6.15 postage, also rated for 95 degrees continuous use:


This one is AU stock, AU$7.50 each, AU$9.00 postage. Doesn't specify a temperature, however is made with polypropylene, which is good to 100 degrees C, and melts above 130 degrees C:


I will mention these, but they are probably cheap low-temperature plastic:

This is the same design as the taps I am currently using:

img5 could be sawed off and modified as I have done.

This is the cheapest:

And a couple more cheapies:

Just a few more, that are interesting:

There you go, lots to choose from! 

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