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Silicone sealants for potable water

November 21, 2019 — BarryK

I have posted before about silicone sealants that are suitable for use in construction of the solar water distiller.

I have previously used Selleys 401, translucent, purchased from Bunnings, AU$19.63 for a 310g tube:

...rather expensive.

Besides, I am now wanting black sealant, and Bunnings only sell the Selleys 401 in translucent. Also, I am now favouring neutral-cure for applications other than glass.

I recently discovered Bostik Industrial Grade silicone, at the Total Tools website, for AU$6.95 per tube -- except that no stores anywhere in Australia actually stock it, and it is a "special order" with high postal charge. Anyway, here is the manufacturer's specs page:

...Bostik is an international company, and in many places, such as the USA, you could probably pick it up from your local hardware store.

The Fuller company, also international, do a "plumbers silicone", rated for potable water use, but not available in black.

About a week ago, I discovered Silastic 732, acetic-cure, available in black and white, and stocked at Autobarn, a car parts and accessories chain store in Australia. This is also rated for use in potable water. Price is AU$18.99 per tube:

...I bought two tubes.

There was something nagging at my memory though, another brand, locally available. Yes, found it: Prosil 10, neutral-cure, available in various colours including black. And cheap, AU$8.95:


Here is the manufacturer's page: 

There was another that I discovered some time ago... German company... forget the name, but they only sell to the trade here in Australia, No retail outlets, not even online ordering. I did phone them, and they gave me the number of a salesman. That's their marketing model, sales reps who go to tradie sites ...not interested. 

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