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Aumix and htop issues

December 19, 2019 — BarryK

Puppy Forum member 'zygo' has reported that 'htop' crashes. His exact report was that htop "shuts down unexpectedly using rxvt-unicode from pyro" and he reported it did not crash with a rxvt-unicode DEB from elsewhere.

Easy Buster uses the rxvt-unicode PET from pyro. Htop is launched from the menu "System -> htop system process viewer", which runs "/usr/bin/urxvt -e htop".

I have been running it for awhile, it is not crashing for me.

Zygo has also reported that 'aumix' and the "cli mixer" do not allow selection of input from front mic, he had to use retrovol.

Yes, it looks like aumix does not have a selection for front mic. However, 'alsamixer' does.

Which raised another problem. Easy does not have alsamixer in the menu. This is a text-mode GUI mixer, named 'aslamixer' and it has to run in a terminal. I have created /usr/share/applications/alsamixer.desktop, which creates a menu entry in the "Multimedia" menu. This will be in the next release of Easy. 

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