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Container broken with WKG_DIR

December 23, 2019 — BarryK

Puppy Forum member 'ras' reported creating a container for Claws Mail, in Buster, and it would not start:

...I had replied that it worked for me, booting from a USB-stick.

I created a fresh USB-stick of 2.1.11, and this time edited file 'BOOT_SPECS' inside the 'initrd' in the boot-partition of the USB-stick, and set "WKG_DIR=easyos" -- so this will now be behaving in the same way as ras's frugal installation.

This time, got the error as reported by ras.

In my case the boot-partiton is sdd1 and the working-partition is sdd2. When running, there will be folder /mnt/sdd2/easyos, and /mnt/wkg is a symlink to sdd2/easyos

In a container, this is setup the same, so as to present the same appearance as on the main desktop. That is, there will be /mnt/wkg/containers/claws-mail/container/mnt/sdd2/easyos and the symlink /mnt/wkg/containers/claws-mail/container/mnt/wkg

Anyway, the problem was that the folder 'easyos' wasn't getting created inside the container. I have edited /usr/local/easy_containers/ec-chroot and fixed it.

Note, sometime earlier, I had thought that /mnt/wkg inside the container should not be a symlink, as there was some kind of problem with 'pflask' binding mount-points with a symlink. I don't seem to be getting that problem now. 

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