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Designing distiller basin-type proto3

December 27, 2019 — BarryK

This is intended to be the "final" design, for which I will create DIY plans. I have ideas about a collapsible design, however, think it better to stay with the latest basin-type that is working very well, with some tweaks.

The simple basin-type, prototype #2, was evaluated here: achieved efficiency 87% relative to the F-Cubed C1000, and 47% absolute efficiency.

Note: F-Cubed claim 55% for the C1000, but 65% for the C3000. The latter is the same width, but 3 metres long, and apparently the longer air rotation path improves the efficiency.

I am proposing that the DIY plans be basically the same as proto-2, except for:

  1. Thicker insulation in base, 60mm instead of 35mm
  2. Thicker side walls, 19mm instead of 12mm
  3. 3mm glass instead of 4mm
  4. 20 degrees glass angle, instead of 10 degrees

I did two tests of prototype #2, the second with the distiller sitting on extra insulating plywood and a towel, and got higher water output, 2.06 litres up from 1.86 litres.

The thinner glass is expected to improve efficiency. The higher angle of the glass will decrease efficiency, however, the distiller will work better in winter.

I will use a 572x672mm sheet of glass, 3mm thick, one of the pieces that was used in the sloping wick-type prototype #4.

I constructed a side-view in SolveSpace:

Note: SolveSpace hangs on my laptop. This is a known problem with intel video. In my case, the fix was to exit X to the commandline, and run "xorgwizard", and change from "sna" acceleration to "uxa" acceleration.

This is the side view, outside dimensions:


...the yellow-filled area is insulation, mostly 60mm thick, but tapering down to 18mm at the back (to keep the width to 235mm).

I managed to constrain the thickness so that a 235x19mm, 1.2m, piece of pine, will do the job for the sides. Although the glass short-side is 572mm, another 10mm is added on each end for the pine sides. It is proposed to use the router to indent the glass into the wood frame.

The right side of the above snapshot is messy, so here it is expanded:


...only 30mm between floor of basin and top-outside of the glass, but that is enough. The water depth is only going to be about 5-10mm.

The design looks reasonable, so a trip to Bunnings is coming soon... 

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