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Easy Buster 2.1.9 and released

December 09, 2019 — BarryK
Another release of EasyOS Buster series, versions 2.1.9 and The reason for the two version numbers, is the 2.1.9 build is with the 5.2.21 kernel, and is with the 5.4.2 kernel.

And the reason for building with two different kernels, is that audio does not work on some hardware with the 5.4.x kernel (so far, 5.4, 5.4.1 and 5.4.2).

Here is the primary download site, courtesy of

...the German and French builds are 2.1.9 only, as is the ISO file. I have only uploaded the English build of

Thanks to NLUUG, the files are mirrored here:

The reason that I am keen to use the 5.4.x kernel is due to the new "lockdown" feature. This is used in the "Copy session to RAM & disabled drives" kernel boot option, which takes security to a new high. This boot option runs Easy entirely in RAM, with no access to the drives, except for ones that you plugin after bootup. Kernel lockdown decreases the risk, however small, of someone figuring out some very clever way to make PC drives accessable.

Try, if audio does not work you will have to fall back to 2.1.9.

There are release notes here:

If you need help with writing the downloaded file to a USB-stick, or anything else with installing and booting, read this:

The next release of Easy Pyro, the older series of EasyOS, but still being updated, is expected to be uploaded in a couple of days.

Feedback is welcome: 

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