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Easy Buster version 2.2 released

December 26, 2019 — BarryK

Version 2.1 was announced on Distrowatch on August 25, 2019, and since then there have been heaps of minor version releases. Finally, we have reached another milestone release, version 2.2. Here is an announcement blurb:

The last version of EasyOS announced on Distrowatch was version 2.1. Massive changes since then, and we now have version 2.2. Lots of bug fixes, improvements, package upgrades, new applications and utilities. Version 2.2 is built with Debian 10.2 DEBs, and the kernel is 5.4.6 with lockdown enabled -- lockdown is used in the "Copy session to RAM & disable drives" boot option, to ratchet the security even higher.
New applications built-in to the download file: pSynclient and SolveSpace. The SeaMonkey suite is built-in and now version 2.49.5. As usual, there is a huge collection of applications built-in, including LibreOffice, Inkscape, Gimp, Planner, Grisbi, Osmo, Notecase, Audacious and MPV. The download file is 515MB.
Amongst many setup enhancements, there is a special patched NetworkManager tray applet, and there are considerable improvements to BootManager, SFSget, EasyContainerManager and EasyVersionControl GUI utilities.

The older series of EasyOS, the "Pyro" series with version numbers 1.x, although considered to be end-of-line, is still receiving updates and has now reached version 1.3. The Pyro series is still being maintained, as there are people using it.

Detailed release notes:

Download, includes En, De and Fr builds:

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Pyro series 1.3 announcement: 

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