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Gexec fails as gksu missing

December 19, 2019 — BarryK

Utility 'gksu' is a gui frontend to 'su', for running a program as a different user, usually when you are logged in as non-root and want to bump up to root.

Note, 'gksu' has been removed from the latest debian "testing" and Ubuntu, not even in repo anymore.

Puppy Forum member 'zygo' reported menu Utility -> Gexec, then enter an app name, such as "mtpaint" and tick the "run as root" checkbox, there is an error message that 'gksu' is missing.

I have created a small script /usr/bin/gksu, that will satisfy Gexec. However, this is a basic script, does not offer any of the commandline options of the actual gksu. Solves the immediate problem anyway. 

Tags: easy