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Kernel 5.4.1 with lockdown and aufs

December 01, 2019 — BarryK

I posted yesterday about compiling the 5.4.1 kernel with lockdown and overlayfs, and re-discovering that overlayfs is inadequate:

I also posted about the hiatus in aufs development, that led to the foray into using overlayfs:

Now there is good news: Puppy Forum member 'peebee' contacted me. He is using a modified patch from Porteus Forum member 'neko':

I have compiled the 5.4.1 kernel for Easy Buster, using it now.

As peebee has explained, 'aufs5-standalone.patch' is not actually needed, as we always build aufs builtin, not as a module. It was that patch that had most fails, due to many symbols not being there any more, and exporting the symbol in 'mark.c' caused a clash. Oh, and some symbols were already exported. So, I got that patch to work (well, to successfully patch anyway), but it isn't actually needed.

As peebee posted, the only patch that needed replacing is 'aufs5-build.patch'.

Right now, compiling 5.4.1 on Easy Pyro 1.2.8. 

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