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Kernel 5.4.3 compiled

December 19, 2019 — BarryK

Interesting... have compiled the 5.4.3 kernel a couple days ago. The only change that I made from before is changed 'CONFIG_USB_EHCI_HCD_PLATFORM' from a module to inbuilt. I don't know if that is what fixed it, but on my Acer aspire 1 laptop, the USB mouse is no longer freezing --- well, ran for about an hour, it didn't. Before, it would freeze sometimes and I would replug it and it came good. Need to keep running on the laptop to confirm this fix.

This freezing did not happen awhile back, with earlier kernels. Don't recall what kernel version first got it.

Some information about that option:

The kernel source, patches and build scripts are here: 

Note: the tmpfs filesystem is configured without xattributes and posix extended labels. I kept it like this, as that is how it has always been in earlier kernels for Quirky and Easy, although the docs state that alsa requires xattrib to be enabled on the tmpfs mounted on /dev -- well, I have not run into any problem, or any situation requiring that. 

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