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Network connectivity updated in containers

December 18, 2019 — BarryK

Puppy Forum member 'zygo' sent me a pm about some issues in EasyOS. One of those was that the "daemon manager", which is part of Boot Manager, or can be accessed via the "manage daemons" button in the QuickSetup window, has a few-too-many items so is too tall for his screen resolution. he requested that it have a vertical scrollbar.

Well, I have not yet got as far as doing that. Got distracted by something else...

There is an entry, a daemon named "desk0". This is /etc/init.d/desk0. it is a script that is called whenever the network goes up or down, which is handled by the pup_event mechanism, see /etc/eventmanager.

What the script is supposed to do is update /etc/resolv.conf in any running containers that use that file. /etc/resolv.conf has the IP address of the DHCP server, needed to resolve IP addresses to domain names.

The idea was there, but the script was not working. I have fixed it, and renamed it to /etc/init.d/ec-net.

I also added an explanation of ec-net in the "daemon manager" in /usr/sbin/bootmanager.  

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