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Partview fixed when running in RAM

December 18, 2019 — BarryK

When the boot menu "Copy session to RAM & disable drives" option is chosen, everything is copied to zram0, a compressed RAM device, and EasyOS runs entirely in RAM, without access to the drives.

There is a "free memory applet" in the tray, mouse-over it shows the amount of memory in the working-partition and the amount free. In this case, the partition is an ext2 filesystem in /dev/zram0.

When the free memory applet is clicked-on, it is supposed to show total-size and free-size of all partitions, however, it did not recognise zram0 and only displayed an empty window. The tray applet calls /usr/sbin/partview, and I have now fixed that script so that it recognises /dev/zram0 and displays it.

As has been documented elsewhere, although running totally in RAM has no access to drives, it will recognise a drive plugged in after bootup. Here is a snapshot of Partview:


...sdb is the plugged-in USB stick. If that USB-stick is removed, Partview will still display the zram0 partition, whereas before there would have been an empty window.

Note, this is running in my Mele mini-PC, with 4GB RAM. The 5.41GB allocated to zram0 is due to the compression. 

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