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Radical rethink of the basin-type distiller

December 05, 2019 — BarryK

I posted this morning some reflections on how the simple-basin prototype #2 achieved a high efficiency, with thoughts to enhance even further:

I have now got an idea how the frame can be collapsible, completely flat, for easy transportation. That is one new thought, that will be explained in a later blog post.

Another rethink is how to achieve a flat black floor for the basin. So far, have been spreading black silicone sealant, two 300gm tubes required for a 0.35 - 0.4 metre-cubed floor.

There are various problems with spreading silicone sealant. One is to find all pin-head holes. Another is to get the surface smooth. Then there is the messiness of the application.

A solution is a glass floor for the basin, with a thin black silicone sheet stuck on it. This would give perfect flatness, that will not warp, and suitable for very high temperatures.

The problem is to find a supplier of a large enough black silicone sheet. The exact dimensions yet to be determined, but somewhere around 700x550mm, 1mm thick. Last night I made some online enquiries to Australian suppliers, today only received one reply.

Reglin Rubber, based in Victoria, sent me a quote for a roll, 1200mm width, 10m long, sheet thickness 1mm. The quote is AU$148 including GST, and AU$40 postage. That would be enough for 28 distillers.

The biggest that I could find on eBay is 500x500mm, ditto Amazon. However, on Aliexpress I found this: 


...1m by 1m, 1mm thick, black silicone, AU$18.76 plus GST, and AU$27.05 for EMS ePacket postage (13 - 20 days delivery to my home, from China). Grand total AU$50.39. Rather a lot of money for a piece of silicone sheet, but want it, so ordered it.

EDIT 2019-12-09:
Yikes! I have received another reply. From Complete Rubber, based in Victoria:

Thinnest Black Silicone we can offer is 1.5mm Thick
1000 x 1200mm piece costs $499.00 + GST + Freight
We can supply 0.5mm, or 1.0mm Thick in RED or Translucent colour if acceptable
0.5mm - 1000 x 1200mm  Piece @ $441.00 + GST + Freight
1.0mm - 1000 x 1200mm Piece @ $385.00 + GST + Freight (Yes cheaper as is more common size purchased in the Market Place)

...a bit of a jump from $18.76 direct from China, and $148 for 10 metres from Reglin Rubber. 

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