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EasyOS version 2.2.3 released

January 11, 2020 — BarryK

This is a special release for testing Bluetooth audio, only an English build.

You can follow the chain of posts about Bluetooth audio, from the last one:

Do you have Bluetooth speakers, ear-buds, headphones? Do you have a Linux-compatible USB Bluetooth dongle? You are invited to test these.


The Blueman applet is in the tray. After clicking on it, you will see "Devices...", click that and there will be another window. With your Bluetooth audio device in pairing-mode, click the "Search..." button, then your audio device should be found.

Highlight it by left click, then right-click for a menu and choose "Pair", after that choose "Audio sink".

You are now good-to-go, however, there is one more step, to set the Bluetooth device as the default audio device. From the menu "Setup -> Multiple Sound Card Wizard" (MSCW), and then the Bluetooth audio device should be listed, and you can click the button for it to be the default audio output.

Note, MSCW has a button to test the sound. I found that I had to click that twice for the sound to play in my ear buds. Odd. One good thing though, the 2 barks played without being truncated.

Note, I would like to streamline this in the future, so that MSCW automatically pops up.

Please provide feedback here: 

Version 2.2.3 has the 5.4.10 kernel, with a patch to (hopefully) recognise some cheap Chinese-clone Bluetooth dongles. 

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