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Goodies ordered for bluetooth debugging

January 03, 2020 — BarryK

There have been a couple of reports of bluetooth audio not working with EasyOS. I would like to debug this. My main daily workstation is a desktop PC that does not have a bluetooth interface, and for convenience would prefer to debug on the PC instead of the laptop, or rather, as well as the laptop. Looked around the local shops for a bluetooth USB dongle. The cheapest was AU$19.50, going up to about AU$35. So, looked on eBay...

I ordered this one, bluetooth v4.2, only AU$4.89 including postage, and AU stock:


But I saw there are bluetooth v5 dongles, so ordered one of them also, AU$7.49 including postage, AU stock, chose the square shape (which is cheaper):


Now for audio. These noise-cancelling headphones are intriguing. I ordered this one, bluetooth v4.2, grey-brown colour (which is cheaper than some other colours), advertised as AU$10.69, but at checkout there was a discount and only paid AU$9.98:

img4 has a rechargeable battery and a USB charging cable.

And couldn't resist this, as looks real good for use with my phone, when on-the-go. This also has a rechargeable battery and a charging cable. Price is AU$7.59 including postage, AU stock:


I expect these to arrive in about a week, all from the Eastern States ...which is a problem if sent overland by truck. Australia Post will probably send mail by train, which is still running.

There are bushfires raging in an area of Australia called the Nullarbor, it has the only paved road connecting Western Australia with the Eastern States, the Eyre Highway. Well, unless you drive all the way around the top coast of the continent. Temperatures on the Eyre Highway have hit 47 degrees C (116.6 Fahrenheit) and people have been stranded for days as sections of the highway are closed. Estimate is will be closed for another 5 days. News report:

...Truckies driving refrigerated trucks will be having a serious problem. 

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