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Gparted 1.0.0 compiled for Easy 2.2

January 09, 2020 — BarryK

Puppy Forum member 'scsijon' has reported very strange behaviour of the drives, for Easy 2.1.9+, that I cannot reproduce. He is getting drive names spontaneously changing, and drive read errors. I strongly suspect a hardware incompatibility with the 5.4.x kernel.

Anyway, he also reports something odd with Gparted, the partition manager. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, the problem more likely is the underlying hardware incompatibility, not the fault of Gparted.

Easy Buster 2.2 has Gparted 0.32, the official DEB package. I decided to compile the latest, just in case that helps his situation. Gparted so far requires gtkmm v2, however version 1.0.0 requires gtkmm v3. Unfortunately, the next release of Easy Buster will have to keep gtkmm v2, as Inkscape and SolveSpace require it. So, there is going to be bloat.

One other thing, Easy has an extremely cut-down 'adwaita-icon-theme', only with the "svg symbolic" icons. Any packages installed via PETget that have adwaita-icon-theme dependency, the DEB will be installed. However, what I have now done is increase the builtin awaita-icon-theme, with 16x16 icons, so the DEB will not have to be installed.

Regarding the next release of Easy, there will only be Easy Buster, as Easy Pyro is finally being retired. There was a lot of work that went into supporting Bluetooth audio, and another large amount of work would be required to do the same for easy Pyro. To minimize my workload, decided time to retire the Pyro series. 

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