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Some EasyPup fixes

January 29, 2020 — BarryK

Just a quick little heads-up. I wasn't happy with how broken EasyPup is, it needs to at least be able to load the save-file at reboot. So I fixed that.

Also fixed the "puppy pfix=nox" so will stop before starting X. Improved welcome1stboot, and a few other things.

I built it with the 4.19.97 kernel, and was just about to upload, then realised it has the kernel firmware for the 5.4 kernel. It is after 2am, so will fix it tomorrow, I mean later today, and upload. 

With these fixes, runs nice. There are still issues, such as "sfsget" is broken. Might build the de and fr ISOs also. 

EDIT 2020-01-29:
Yay, fixed build uploaded, version 2.2.6:

Save-file works, typing "puppy pfix ..." at bootup works. Quite nice. There are some issues, I don't know when I will get time to work on any of them, but anyone who wants to hack on it is welcome to.

If anyone want to build EasyPup from scratch, see previous blog post, and you will need the latest WoofQ (currently 20200129):

This release of EasyPup, version 2.2.6, has the 4.19.97 kernel, with simplified configuration. Support for "non PC" computers, such as Chromebook and Macbook, is removed. Plus other simplifications, such as removed support for alternative security models.

If you want to discuss it anywhere, there won't be any official thread on the Puppy Forum, but someone can create one if they want. There are so many variants of Puppy, I don't want to contribute to the confusion, but if it is clarified that this is a "classic" Puppy, not one of the latest official puppies, then that will help.

EasyPup has most of the infrastructure of EasyOS, without the container bits. Same utilities and apps too. NetworkManager is working nicely, wifi connects on my laptop -- note one thing, on some previous occasions, NetworkManager is slow to recognise that there are wifi networks to connect to -- I have stared at the icon in the tray for up to 3 minutes, then suddenly it "finds" the wifi and connects --yeah, annoying -- I am hoping that it is an issue with the 5.4 kernel.

On the desktop is "petget" and "sfsget", the former runs the package manager, the latter runs /usr/sbin/sfsget. Before building 2.2.6, I did a quick hack with a URL to find SFS files. But they won't download. The script needs to be fixed -- volunteer welcome!

Note also, the EasyOS SFS files have special "metadata" inside them, and I will probably sometime have to recognize that in EasyPup. But SFSs such as the devx should just work. 

Perhaps will relocate EasyPup hosting in the "quirky" URL on, so as to keep that site active. It already has other classic pups, such as Wary and Racy.

Minimum specs are a PC with 64-bit CPU, at least 1024x768 screen, probably 1GB RAM is enough. The kernel does not support PCMCIA, nor the old ISA bus.

Here is the previous blog post:   

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