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Version upgrade fixes

January 11, 2020 — BarryK

Puppy Forum member 'Terry H' has tested Bluetooth on EasyOS 2.2.3. He upgraded an existing version 2.2 USB-stick, and reported that Bluetooth audio did not work, though mouse/keyboard do, after he had manually started 'bluetoothd':

I immediately identified the most likely cause, a failure with the upgrade.

New files at the bottom read-only layer, in 'easy.sfs', can be blocked by old files in the read-write top layer, which is /mnt/wkg/.session.

Whenever there is a change in SFS layers, or a version upgrade or downgrade, a script /sbin/fixlayers in the initrd runs to perform a range of integrity checks, including making sure that the new files in easy.sfs are visible on the top of the aufs layered filesystem.

There are some over-sights, that will prevent the detection of Bluetooth hardware and launch of the 'bluetoothd' and 'bluealsad' daemons.

I have fixed it. /sbin/fixlayers is quite a large script, now at 339 lines, as a lot of checking is required. 

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