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Apps internationalized and touchpad fix

February 28, 2020 — BarryK

Puppy Forum member 'esmourguit' has internationalized the 'ffplay-gtk' script. We also located internationalization of 'prename' and 'pmetatagger'. These are all little apps created by Jason ('plinej' in the forum). Esmourguit has informed Jason, and Jason has already updated the ffplay-gtk PET, the others coming soon. Forum threads for each app:




Forum member 'thinkpadfreak' reported that touchpad settings did not persist after a reboot, running EasyPup 2.2.11.

For many years we have used 'flsynclient', a compiled app using the FLTK library. In 2019, a replacement called 'psynclient' was created by mistfire:


Easy is using version 1.3 with some GUI layout fixes. It is supposed to have persistence. Here is my PET:

Until persistence is sorted out, I have reverted to flsynclient. I would like to go back to psynclient, as it is very small, just a script that uses gtkdialog, and it has lots of configuration options. 

EDIT 2020-03-03:
Sorted out psynclient, going back to it!

Jason has retired 'pmetagger', is now developing 'fftag'. esmourguit has contributed a French translation:

The next release of Easy is expected to have psynclient and fftag.  

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