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EasyPup resize save-file fixed

February 08, 2020 — BarryK

Puppy Forum members Billtoo and Rodney reported that resizing the save-file in EasyPup doesn't work:

EasyPup is a classical-Puppy, the "Puppy part" of it is scripts from Racy and Wary 5.5 era, around 2012 - 2013. However, I did pull some of the scripts from Woof-CE "legacy branch", where they looked improved.

/usr/sbin/ is one such, from Woof-CE legacy branch. Which is the cause of the failure. various changes have been made to that script. What caused the breakage is this commit by 01micko in December 2013:

...a different file is created, 'pupsaveresizenew.txt', however the 'init' script in the initrd in EasyPup is an older Racy-era, that expects 'pupsaveresize.txt'. So, a mismatch. I grabbed the /usr/sbin/ from Racy 5.5, and we should be good-to-go. 

EDIT 2020-02-08:
I ended up using the '' from Woof-CE, fixed so that it works in EasyPup. It has a nicer GUI, which is why I must have chosen it originally. The GUI enhancements look like the work of zigbert and 01micko.

But then found another problem. Increased the save-file from 512MB to 640MB, which worked. However, the ext4 filesystem inside the save-file did not increase. This is due to the 'e2sfck' utility in the initrd, version 1.41.9 (2009) not recognizing the 64-bit ext4 filesystem. This is a statically-compiled utility, and I have upgraded to a later version. 

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