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EasyPup translation in initrd

February 16, 2020 — BarryK

French and German builds of EasyPup 2.2.10 are mostly translated, with some gaps. The syslinux early-bootup messages were not, nor were messages in the initrd during bootup. Once bootup did a switch_root to the aufs layered filesystem running on puppy.sfs, translation kicked in.

I have fixed the early bootup translation. So now all text will be in the desired language, as well as keyboard-layout, right from the start of booting.

This is really just getting the WoofQ build system to more completely transform EasyOS to EasyPup, matching Puppy behaviour from circa-2013, or roughly matching Puppy as in the "Legacy branch" of woof-CE on

A technical note: /usr/share/sss/initrd_strings/ content is different from that of EasyOS, because the boot scripts in the initrd are different, as are the 'home.msg' and 'help.msg' files in the ISO file. I will modify this post accordingly: 

...that post also shows a fix to translate desktop icon labels.

Also, there was a bug-fix in the Puppy Universal Installer, /usr/sbin/puppyinstaller. I posted about that here:

I would like to thanks the guys who have taken the time to do testing, it is very helpful. Due to my time constraints, I have to release a build without having tested every aspect of it. With tester feedback, I am able to improve the next release. 

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