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EasyPup version 2.2.7 released

February 03, 2020 — BarryK

EasyPup is an interesting diversion, a blend of "classical Puppy" (circa 2012-2013, Racy and wary 5.5 ear) and features of EasyOS. An introduction is here:

The version numbering is following EasyOS Buster-series, as EasyPup has all the same packages, and the same EasyOS infrastructure -- well, modified infrastructure so as not to conflict with how "classical Puppy" sees things.

Which means that there are likely to still be some conflicts. I haven't tested everything, for example, have not even clicked on that "share" icon on the desktop yet. The most likely possible conflict is different paths, or missing paths. Anyway, let me know if you discover a problem.

I am using the Quirky repository on, which is appropriate as it also hosts Racy 5.5 and Wary 5.5, still-popular classical puppies. Download from here:

The ISO is a hybrid-ISO, that may also be written to a USB-stick. It will boot on traditional-BIOS PCs as well modern UEFI PCs. Minimum specs are 64-bit CPU, 1024x768 screen, probably 1GB RAM will work, but will be happier with 2GB. Genuine PC only, no support for Chromebook or Macbook. The old PCMCIA and ISA buses are not supported.

I think that I do need to start a separate thread in the Puppy Forum. So far, have been discussing EasyPup in the EasyOS thread, which could cause confusion. 

OK, done, here is a new thread for feedback about EasyPup: 

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