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Hardware profiling added to EasyOS features table

February 01, 2020 — BarryK

I have posted recently about significant enhancements to video profiling and addition of audio profiling. This feature means that you can bootup EasyOS (and EasyPup) on a USB-stick on different computers, and whatever setup you did for video and audio is remembered -- so, you bootup on some other computer, then come back to an earlier one, and the setup is remembered and used.

"Hardware profiling" is a new entry in the EasyOS features table:

As I posted here, I was surprised to discover that video hardware profiling got removed from Woof-CE in 2016:

Whereas, I have taken it the other way, video profiling greatly enhanced, and added audio profiling.

I started a conversation about this on one of the woof-CE threads:

I should add another example: on my Acer Aspire1 laptop, with Apollo Lake Soc and Intel GPU, Xorg automatically chooses the 'modesetting' driver, which runs the desktop for about 15 seconds before the screen totally locks up. I have to reboot and run xorgwizard and tell it to use the 'intel' driver then all is well. 

When booting from a USB-stick, or any portable media in which the "save file" or "save partition" is on the portable media, hardware profiling is extremely important! 

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