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International translation of EasyPup

February 09, 2020 — BarryK

As already reported, EasyPup is a "classical Puppy" with features merged from EasyOS.

Forum member 'esmourguit' has reported a problem with the French translation, as some scripts in EasyPup are different from those in EasyOS. He has created a "langpack" PET for EasyOS, but how is that to be applied to EasyPup?

Firstly, we need to know what scripts are different (that have a TEXTDOMAIN variable). It is these:

Changed scripts
/usr/sbin: bootmanager, delayedrun, dotpup, puppyinstaller, sfsget

We also need to know about new scripts in EasyPup, not in EasyOS (that have a TEXTDOMAIN variable):

New scripts
/usr/sbin: bootflash, remasterpup2,, save2flash, savesession-dvd, shutdownconfig, snapmergepuppy

So what we need is the langpack PET for EasyOS, then a separate tarball with translations for the above scripts (created when running EasyPup).

I have modified a couple of these, so this extra tarball will need to be created after the next release of EasyPup (probably version 2.2.9).

What I will do is put those .mo files directly into the 'puppy' folder in WoofQ. When EasyPup is built in WoofQ, they will override whatever the langpack has installed.

Note, 'savesession-dvd' has been grabbed from woof-CE legacy-branch, and I have added a translation of the text in an 'xmessage' dialog -- this has required the 'fmt' utility, to word-wrap, as xmessage does not have a word-wrap capability. 'fmt' is part of coreutils and will be in the next releases of EasyOS and EasyPup.

So, in summary, the langpack is created in EasyOS, and create a separate tarball of .mo translations just for the above scripts, in a running EasyPup -- and send it to me, via the forum: 

EDIT 2020-02-10:
Oh, there are more changed scripts!  When EasyPup is built in WoofQ, by the '7build-puppy-cd' script, scripts with "EasyOS" in text strings are replaced with "Puppy". This means that those scripts will need new .mo files for EasyPup.

These are the affected scripts:

/usr/bin: xwin



These scripts are completely different in EasyPup, and require a new .mo file:


EDIT 2020-02-14:
For those who would like to do development work on EasyPup, that is, coding, they will need to know all files that are different from EasyOS. See this post:

EDIT 2020-02-19:
Lutz (L18L in the forum) maintains the German translation, as well as MoManager (the GUI tool for creating translations). In the above list (2020-02-14), Lutz determined that only those highlighted in bold red need to have .mo files for EasyPup. The rest of the files in that paragraph, perhaps do not.

EDIT 2020-05-08:
This blog post has been superseded, see latest post here:  

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