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Screen brightness and tint control tray applet

February 01, 2020 — BarryK

I received an email from Mikhail that there is no screen brightness control. Mikhail had previously used fatdog, which does have screen brightness control. I suggested 'xgamma', which controls the colours, however, that is not a very good way to control brightness.

Today did some research. There have been many brightness-control solutions over the years, by mike walsh, fredx181, and others. Here are some relevant URLs:

fredx181 created a GUI for 'redshift' CLI utility (not redshiftgui), however it played havoc with my TV screen.

mike walsh's solution with xrandr and the 'sct' utility, works well. I re-arranged his 1.2 PET to suit my liking, and named it version 1.2.1 (25KB):'s dependencies are 'sct' and 'yad'. The former can be installed via PETget and Easy already has the latter. 

This will be in the next release, as it is very useful. 

Tags: easy