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Snap2 removed from Easy build

February 27, 2020 — BarryK

Snap2 is a backup manager, based on rsync, developed by LLoyd Standish (lstandish in the Puppy Forum). The project page is here:

The latest version is 4.25, released in 2012. It was 'gettexted' by Puppy Forum member 'xanad' in 2014. See xanad's many internationalization contributions here:

For the record, there are lots of other old internationalization contributions from 'robwoj44' here:

Lutz (L18L in the forum) has been running into problems with a German translation of Snap2. He cannot get it to work.  It seems that although Snap2 was gettexted, it hasn't actually been tested.

The gettexted 4.25 PET is here, package

I have reverted to the original un-gettexted 4.25, and named it, which will be uploaded soon, the previous one removed from the repository. So grab the gettexted one now, if you want to work on it.

I don't know if anyone uses Snap2, never received any feedback about it, although it has been in all my builds since 2012. Due to this issue with internationalization, I will leave it out of the next release of Easy. 

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