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Chromium 79 browser video broken

March 07, 2020 — BarryK

Rodney reminded me that the Chromium SFS is old. It is version 73, whereas the latest in the Debian DEB package repository is 79.

Right, so I created a SFS for Chromium 79. I do this by installing from the Debian repository, using "petget" (PPM, package manager), then copy the installed files into a folder, then run "dir2sfs".

I tested version 79 running on the main desktop, and in a container. In both cases, videos at do not play properly. Video freezes, while the sound continues. Not just videos, all web pages are slow to load.

Running "chromium" from a terminal, there seems to be a GPU problem. For example:

[10780:10780:0307/] gpu::CollectGraphicsInfo failed.
[10780:10780:0307/] Exiting GPU process due to errors during initialization

However, version 73 plays videos OK. I tested 720p and it played OK.

A quick search revealed that others have encountered the same problem.

...there is a comment that version 80 has fixed it, however the Debian repository has not yet updated to 80.  Well, they have in the "testing" branch. I need to wait until they update the "stable" branch repo. 

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