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EasyPup 2.2.14 released

March 27, 2020 — BarryK

Hot on the heals of EasyOS 2.2.14, EasyPup is released, for those who want a more traditional puppy. The apps and user interface is pretty much the same as EasyOS, but the underlying infrastructure is different. This page explains:

Here are the release notes:

EasyPup is available as a traditional ISO file, a hybrid-ISO that may be written to either optical media or a USB-stick. It is also compatible with both traditional BIOS or the modern UEFI-BIOS, and does not require "legacy boot mode" in the UEFI setup.

If you need help with booting from optical media or USB-stick, there are plenty of tutorials on the Internet. You might find this page helpful, it is written for EasyOS, but does have relevant information for booting EasyPup:

There are English, French and German builds, download from here:

Feedback is welcome. The primary feedback thread, in English, is here:

There are also French and German feedback threads, primarily for EasyOS, but you can ask EasyPup-related questions also:


fr: is best not to post elsewhere in the Puppy Forum, as Barry and other EasyOS/Pup developers and testers might not see it. 

If you want to read a bit about the background/history of EasyPup, see this blog post:

Links for developers: 

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