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PackIt PET fixed

March 30, 2020 — BarryK

I reported about SFR's PackIt and UExtract, that are in the latest (2.2.14) Easy:

When right-click on a file or folder, if it is not an archive file, that is, not something like 'afile.tar.gz', then the right-click menu will have "PackIt" as one entry. This is convenient means for archiving, for example turn a folder into a tarball, or compress a file.

However, after releasing Easy 2.2.14, I discovered that the "PackIt" entry was not in the right-click menu. I puzzled over this, as it had worked in earlier testing. I have now fixed the '' script in the PackIt PET.

Also tweaked a few things in the PackIt and UExtract PETs -- for example, they are in the "Utility" menu, but should be in the subcategory "package", that is, mime "X-Utility-package" -- in Easy, look at the main menu, the "package" subcategory is where the 'XArchive' app entry is.

The PETs will be uploaded soon. 

EDIT 2020-04-06:
I have removed '' and '' scripts from PackIt PET (also from UExtract PET), as Easy handles ROX right-click automatically. Appended "$@" in /usr/local/bin/packit script.

I decided not to have UExtract inbuilt in Easy. One reason is would prefer a confirm window before the action. Another reason is right-click menu entry is created for some inappropriate files, ex png. We already have Xarchive which is a good extraction tool. 

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