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Base of lithium powerbox

April 12, 2020 — BarryK

I have constructed the base, or floor, of what is intended to become a lithium battery power box. See previous post in this new project:

The foundation is a good place to start, as you would build a house. Having the floor, how the rest will fit in can start to be seen. Here is the floor, with battery:


...that empty space on the side of the battery is where the electrical wiring will go, with a side-opening to enable easy access. Also in that gap, at the front there will be the front-panel sockets and coulometer LCD display.

There is about 20mm gap at the back-side of the battery, where there will be some cabling. The externally-mounted circuit-breakers will be directly behind the battery.

The DC-DC charger sits on top of the box, and grab-handles will also be screwed onto the top of the box.

Here is the detail of the floor of the box:


The floor is a piece of 9mm thick plywood, 235mm along the front, 225mm deep. I painted it, hence the off-white colour. I used marine ply, but anything will do, even a chopping board from Kmart or BigW.

Though, the chopping board would need to be 9mm thick or more. The screws are 6G 9mm dome-head metal/wood type, from Bunnings -- I couldn't find any shorter screws, hence the thickness requirement of the plywood. Well, actually, 8mm plywood/chopping-board would do, as the aluminium angle is 1.4mm thick.

The aluminium is unequal-angle, 12x20mm, 1.4mm thick. I cut each piece 3mm longer than the board, 45 degree cuts using a mitre-board and hacksaw. Three holes in each for the screws. I pre-drilled holes in the plywood, so as not to stress the plywood when screwing the screws in -- as they are close to the edge of the plywood.

I bought 20x12x1.4mm angle, 3m length:

Also, for later in the project, 3m of 10x10x1.5mm channel:

Only simple hand tools have been used, which I anticipate will be the case for the entire powerbox. 

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