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Camping now allowed in WA

April 26, 2020 — BarryK

In Western Australia we had zero new cases of Covid-19 for three days, then yesterday there was one, a lady who arrived back from one of the cruise ships. As long as she hasn't started a new outbreak, things are looking very good, attributed to the very sensible restrictions imposed by the WA State government.

Consequently, the Premier today announced some easing of restrictions ...including allowing camping!!!

The eased restrictions are announced here:


non-contact recreational activities such as private picnics in the park, fishing, boating, hiking and camping − all in compliance with travel restrictions and the 10-person rule

WA is broken into regions, and we are still only allowed to drive within the region in which we live. There are DPAW campsites within the Perth/Peel Region -- but perhaps lots of people will be taking the opportunity to go to those campsites.

The main point is though, in theory I can now go camping. Just need to find a nice bushland or coastal spot within my region, that will not have many others also camping there.

Got to finish the powerbox first! 

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