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Covid-19 droplets hang around in air for 3 hours

April 02, 2020 — BarryK

Yesterday a scientist was interviewed about research they had done on how long Covid-19 can last on surfaces and in the air. He said on surfaces up to72 hours, but on some surfaces, such as cardboard, only about 12 hours. There is earlier research on other coronaviruses indicating up to 9 days.

What caught my attention though, was he commented about droplets in the air. He said that if someone with Covid-19 coughs, they will expel tiny droplets that will float in the air, and he stated that those droplets can hang around in the air for up to 3 hours.

Oh wow, it only takes one droplet breathed in, to become infected.

I posted on March 20, when I went into the city by train, and two people coughed in the carriage in which I was travelling:

That was my last train journey! A couple of days ago, I visited my local Coles supermarket. In the row next to me, someone coughed, so I made sure that I walked in the widest possible path around them.

Health officials are advising anyone who coughs in public, to do so into a tissue, or into the cloth of their elbow.

But I have to ask, why do people cough in public? Is it an irresistible urge? If so, shouldn't they not be allowed in public? Coughing into a tissue or elbow is unlikely to stop droplets being sprayed out into the air, so why are health authorities giving that the OK? What to do about people who don't even bother to cover their mouth when coughing? 

EDIT 2020-04-04:
I received an email from Paul, requesting that I not post sensationalist information without backup reference. He was referring to the "droplets can hang around in the air for up to 3 hours".

I don't recall what TV program that was, however, the same information was repeated on a program called "The Virus" on ABC News channel 24, Australia, at, repeated at 10.15pm (WA time), yesterday, Friday 3rd April. The program started yesterday and is expected to be a series every Friday:

Here are some references:

The WHO is downplaying the possibility of Covid-19 spreading through the air, a position that various experts are questioning. 

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