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EasyOS and EasyPup translation differences

April 08, 2020 — BarryK

Lutz (L18L in the forum) has posted updated German translations for EasyOS and EasyPup:

I have bumped the langpack to ''. That's great, thanks.

This has reminded me that anyone else who would like to translate Easy to their language might be confused about the differences between EasyOS and EasyPup.

Most .mo files apply to both EasyOS and EasyPup, however there are some different scripts. I posted about these differences awhile back:

As a quick reference, these are scripts that are only in EasyPup or different from EasyOS:

x /usr/share/doc/easy/
x /usr/share/doc/easy/
x /usr/share/doc/easy/
x /usr/sbin/bootmanager:TEXTDOMAIN=bootmanager
x /usr/sbin/delayedrun:TEXTDOMAIN=delayedrun
x /usr/sbin/dotpup:TEXTDOMAIN=dotpup
x /usr/sbin/sfsget:TEXTDOMAIN=sfsget
x /etc/rc.d/rc.shutdown:TEXTDOMAIN=rc.shutdown

...the "x" is scripts that are also in EasyOS.

Note, those scripts in /usr/share/doc/easy have a different TEXTDOMAIN in EasyOS, "easyhelp".

This is a handy guide when creating .mo translation files. 

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