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EasyPup version 2.2.16 released

April 06, 2020 — BarryK

Yes, another one! Version 2.2.14 was released on March 27 -- this is like the early years of Puppy Linux, when I was releasing a new version every couple of weeks. Well, I am isolated at home, not much else to do!

Here are the release notes:

For information about EasyPup, including feedback link:

There are English, French and German ISOs available:

They are hybrid-ISOs, that can be written to optical media or USB-stick, and booted on traditional-BIOS and UEFI-BIOS PCs (in latter case, "legacy boot" mode is not required). Note: if you already have EasyOS or EasyPup running, there is the very nice 'easydd' utility, that will write an ISO to USB-stick. 

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