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Firefox ESR DEB now works in container

April 02, 2020 — BarryK

Running EasyOS 2.2.14, 'belham2' (Puppy Forum name) reported that he installed Firefox ESR from the "petget" package manager, and it worked, but when he tried to convert it to a container, was unable to:

The menu "Filesystem -> Easy Container Management" has a dropdown list of installed apps. You choose one, and then click the button to make it into a container.

However, Firefox ESR is not listed. The reason for this is that the script filters out /usr/share/application/*.desktop files that have "Exec=" entries with a leading path. firefox-esr.desktop has "Exec=/usr/lib/firefox-esr/firefox-esr". Which is odd, as it also installs /usr/bin/firefox-esr, so the entry could have been "Exec=firefox-esr".

I have edited /usr/petget/ to automatically fix the "Exec=" line to remove any leading path. if necessary, a script is created at /usr/bin.

I tested it, works fine. One thing I recommend in Easy Container Management, leave the "Security options" alone. The default is fine. Just choose "firefox-esr" from the dropdown list and click the button.

Hmmm, it did create a 16x16 icon on the desktop, that is something else that needs fixing. It should be 48x48, but that is a cosmetic bug. 

The desktop icon now fixed. Edited /usr/local/easy_containers/easy-containers

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