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getNVIDIA PET added to Easy

April 03, 2020 — BarryK

Argolance has added a nice help window to getNVIDIA, an app created by shinobar (Puppy Forum names):

shinobar's getNVIDIA forum thread is here:

The help window greatly enhances it, thanks very much Argolance. I have added the PET to the Easy 'noarch' PET repository, it will be '' when uploaded.

I tweaked a few little things. For example, the '' script now has a if-test, for compatibility with Woof:

if [ "`pwd`" == "/" ];then
gtk-update-icon-cache -f -i /usr/share/icons/hicolor
echo "getnivia installation: icon cache updated..."

...when built in Woof (any Woof), the current directory will not be "/", when a PET is installed in a running pup, it will be "/". The gtk icon cache update is take care of by the Woof build system.  

Tags: easy