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Chromium SFS 80.0.3987.162 created

June 09, 2020 — BarryK

I recently bumped the Firefox SFS to version 68.7 ESR (long-time supported version). Now it is the turn for Chromium web browser.

The online location is here:

However, in EasyOS and EasyPup, installation is achieved by clicking on the "sfsget" icon on the desktop.

I chased down a little bug. There were menu entries for Firefox and Chromium, but the icon alongside each entry was missing. What had happened, was I had installed these first via "petget", the package manager, that is, they were DEB packages.

Then uninstalled, but they left behind .desktop files. Later on, installed Firefox and Chromium SFSs on the main desktop, but the left-behind .desktop files had the wrong "Icon=" entry. Anyway, fixed it.  

Tags: easy