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EasyPup development on the back burner

June 09, 2020 — BarryK

"On the back burner" means to put it aside, give it low priority, to be done later. I was curious about the history of this expression, as someone once mentioned it is used in the USA. It is used here in Australia, and I presume the UK. This page has some info:

Anyway, I digress. The purpose of this post: I started EasyPup as an interesting project, to see if I could create a classical pup with features imported from EasyOS, a kind of "classical Puppy on steroids". However, I didn't really want it to divert too much attention from working on EasyOS on-going.

That on-going thing, yes EasyPup is attracting attention. Which is a bit of a concern. For various reasons...

Recently, I was asked a couple of questions about EasyPup, and I gave inappropriate answers, because I was thinking in "EasyOS mode", then later I had to edit my reply on the forum.

Then there are the details of how EasyPup works, the bootup scripts, shutdown, PUPMODEs, etc. It has been several years since I worked on Puppy, and some details are getting vague. Like, I forget how all the PUPMODEs work, at least, off the top of my head, it isn't there. I can study it and it will come back, but that means time.

Then there is competition with the official woof-CE based pups. I don't want EasyPup to shape up as challenging the official pups, or be seen as coming back in and assuming some kind of leadership of the Puppy project.

I know that the Puppy project has been described as a "do-ocracy":

Fair enough, but risks becoming too fragmented when there are lots of projects pulling interest away from the woof-CE builds.

I have ruminated on this topic many times. I can see the value in all the ideas that pour into the Puppy forum. The *Dog derivatives are fascinating, for example.

Anyway, I think that I would like to return my attention to just working on EasyOS, keep focussed, maximum productivity, keep refining and improving just the one product. EasyOS is so far off being a normal Puppy, that it does not blur people's understanding of what is Puppy and what is not: EasyOS is clearly a different OS, just happens to have some Puppy-roots.

So, maybe I will release more versions of EasyPup, maybe not. If one or two "old Puppy developers" want to maintain EasyPup, they are welcome. That would mean responding to bug reports and attempting to fix them -- all of which would be a major commitment. It would mean getting the WoofQ tarball, and maintaining everything inside the 'puppy' folder -- and that means prior experience with using Woof2/Woof-CE. 

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